Monday, February 7, 2011

Meaning of Beauty

During my recent trip back, I observed closely at people passing me in the airport to see how healthly and youthful the average Malaysian looked. I was in for a shocked at what I saw. Out of about 100 people, only a handful looked healthy and had healthful appearing skin. In short, almost everyone looked like they are aging before their time.

And this morning in The Sun, Monday @ Feb 7th, 2011 – Page 21, Beauty Section. 'Retailer targets 8-year olds. US retailer Walmart will release an all-natural, partially “anti-ageing” beauty line for tweens, called GeoGirl. Targetting 8 to 12-year-olds blah....blah.....'

I have nothing against make-up/cosmetic but isnt it too much to burden 'a small young girl' with 'the concept of beauty and not growing old'?

I am a strong advocate of 'beauty from within'. Aging is the natural process and we can age-gracefully by making wise choices about the food we eat and drink, what we think and how to respond to life's events.

Any thoughts?


Gratitude said...

It is certainly not surprising simply because society is in a perpetual stressed mad rush due to the varied distractions. Gone are the days whereby both men and womenfolk retire early to bed and rise before the cock crows. Inner peace is harder to achieve these days.

Tzer said...

"every thing in life have no meaning except the meaning you give to it."

Is not easy to live a life without judgment yet it is very simple.


be and with joy and love