Monday, July 13, 2009

Learning to Listen

Yoga starts the time you step out from the Studio, not the time you step in. Learn yoga in the Studio to practice outside, in the real world. Most of us, we know a lot of things but how about put it into practice?

The Vertigo attack on April 24th changes my life, entirely. I was not able to do a lot of things, which most of us take it for granted including myself. How true what people said – you’ll only appreciate when you’ve lost it.

I was not able to walk my normal pace, not to mention rock climbing.
I was not able to dash out from the bed every morning.
I was not able to bring Beanie for a walk.
I was not able to drive and ride.
I was not able to hear properly thus can’t play Er Hu.
I was not able to read for 20 mins continuously.
I was not able to practice most of the asanas.

I believe in nature’s cure and our brain is capable of adapting to problems involving senses. For example, blind person often find that their other senses, especially hearing, improve tremendously to make up for their eyesight.

In my case, my brain can adjust to the new situation and after a time, could be months or years before the Vertigo gradually disappears. For this to occur, however, my brain must be regularly exposed to the misleading messages from the inner ear. If this doesn’t happen, it cannot adapt and there will be no cure.

Because my Vertigo occurs only during certain movements, and because the symptoms are unpleasant, there was almost irresistible temptation to avoid those movements and so avoid the symptoms. But I knew by doing so, I miss the opportunity for a natural cure.

Since I refused medications, yoga-ing is the only way for me to get my life back. It wasn’t easy but not impossible. As I always said in the Studio, listen to the body and I am learning to listen all over again.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good Laugh in the MID-Week

While filing my old e mails, can’t help laughing out loud when reading this mail, from Karen A. Well, everybody, let's have a good laugh.
Why do women have two Hands?
Why do men have two Hands?
THis will make you smile!
How was your cereal this morning?
How to handle a problem neighbour.
The Ass Family.
Boy Genius.
Good reason to wear pyjamas to bed!
Tatoo of the Year.
Latest Grill Accessories - These are a must have!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fettuccine Aglio Olio

My first cooked complete meal since April 24th, 2009. It’s good to be in the kitchen again.

The ingredients - olive oil, crushed garlic, cut dried & fresh chilies, chopped coriander.

Saute olive oil & garlic, later add in chopped coriander.
In a separate skillet, pan fry salmon (rubbed with black pepper & corse salt) - 3 mins each side.
Tomato puree with oilve oil and mixed herbs. Wholemeal pita bread, halved into 4 pcs.

Colourful salad - finely shredded red cabbage, sliced red onions, sliced yellow pepper, sliced cucumber, carrot, romaine lettuce & lettuce leaves, spinach leaves & cherry tomatoes with vinegar, ginger and thousand island dressing.
Table setting.Non-vegetarian for Gilbert. Full vegan dish for moi.
And Swiss choclates for dessert!
Having tough time to decide but at the end go for Mahony, Latee and Pistachio.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Shri K. Pattabhi Jois

July 1915 - 18th May 2009

The Yoga community has lost a great Guru, Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois. May 18, 2009 at 2.30 (Indian Standard Time) Guruji, father of Ashtanga Yoga passed away. He was 94.