Monday, January 31, 2011


Ahimsa basically means "do no harm" - in actions, words and thoughts. As a yoga practitioner, most of all do no harm to ourself and then to others - that is including all living things, physically and mentally.

So as the bunny new year is approaching, let us all remember to practice ahimsa by observing the amount of the food we put into our body.

Happy Bunny New Year to all.


Gratitude said...

Difficult for many, but awareness of the many lives killed to satisfy human pleasures (via blogs like yours) helps a lot to practise mindfulness, and hopefully consume less or to the very least, with responsibility. Thank you very much and have a blessed new year! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you Yamuna! Tried to send you an email but bounced back. Do you have a new address??
Was great seeing you in December.

All the best